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2017 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2016, all NSW public schools will receive a 2017 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM).... Read more

Cheque Payments to our School

When paying by cheque to the school, ALL CHEQUES must be made payable to ‘NSW GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS'. We can no longer accept any cheques made out to ‘Lynwood Park Public School'. Our school no longer has its own bank account as all... Read more

P&C Family Photos

Lynwood Park Public School P&C invites you to: A Professional Family Portrait Fundraiser Day Invite all your family, friends, neighbours, mothers groups and anyone else who would like to have special photos done of their... Read more

Welcome to Lynwood Park Public School – where each child is encouraged to succeed, guided by professional and caring teachers, excellent learning programs and a highly supportive parent community. Our school ensures a great education for your child.
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28 K-6 Assembly

K-6 Assembly

from 02:00PM to 02:45PM

Parents are welcome to attend our monthly K-6 assembly in the school hall. Item: Topic talks - grade winners will present their talks.

29 Last day of Scripture
All day

Last day of Scripture

All day

Volunteer Helpers Morning Tea

Volunteer Helpers Morning Tea

from 11:00AM to 11:30AM

If you have helped at the school in any way this year please come along and have morning tea with the staff of Lynwood Park Public School. This is just a small way the staff at Lynwood Park would like to show their appreciation for the valuable contrib...

30 1 2 P&C Christmas Stall

P&C Christmas Stall

from 11:30AM to 02:00PM

Students may purchase items from the stall. Each child should bring a carry bag for their purchased item. Gifts will range from $1.50 - $6.

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5 NO P&C meeting

NO P&C meeting

from 06:00PM to 07:00PM

The monthly meeting for December has been cancelled.

6 High School Orientation Day
All day

High School Orientation Day

All day

For Yr 6 students who will be attending high school in 2017

7 Presentation Day Assembly

Presentation Day Assembly

from 09:15AM to 11:00AM

8 Kinder Christmas Assembly

Kinder Christmas Assembly

from 02:00PM to 03:00PM

9 End-of-Year Reports home
All day

End-of-Year Reports home

All day

10 11
12 Lynwood Idol

Lynwood Idol

from 11:30AM to 01:15PM

13 14 Yr 6 Farewell

Yr 6 Farewell

from 06:00PM to 09:00PM

15 K-6 Fun Day
All day

K-6 Fun Day

All day

16 Last day for students
All day

Last day for students

All day

17 18
19 School Development Day
All day

School Development Day

All day

Pupil free

20 School Development Day
All day

School Development Day

All day

Pupil free

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Upcoming events

End-of-Year Reports home Dec 9 All Day
Lynwood Idol Dec 12 11:30AM
Yr 6 Farewell Dec 14 06:00PM
K-6 Fun Day Dec 15 All Day
Last day for students Dec 16 All Day